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6 Trends for 2014 in Home Decor

 June 20, 2013 by Geri Santagata, Director of Sales and Design, Premiere Real Estate Group

         Home decor, just like any form of fashion, never stands still, so although we are only into the middle of 2013; it is not too early to start looking ahead to the changes that we will see in 2014.

Here is a brief summary of what interior designers say will be the looks that we will start to see as this year progresses and in 2014. Take good note and you’ll be one step ahead of game when it comes to home decor trends for 2014.


1- Yellow takes first place

The last couple of years have seen the color pink feature predominantly in many designers’ fabrics and fittings.

While a soft pink will always be a favorite with many people and so will never completely disappear, this coming year it is all going to be about yellow, just make sure you get the shade right. Remember: You heard this home decor trend for 2014 here first!

2- Floral patterns

Yellow is definitely going to come more to the fore but it is not going to be the overriding winner in terms of dominating the look of the new season.

Floral patterns are going to make a big comeback. Think vintage, bold flashes of color, and exciting patterns all splashed over a white canvas. It might sound a little chintzy. It is, but it’s all about being bold and dangerous, as long as you tone it down and add a little subtlety with that white backdrop.

3- Creative clashes

You should have noticed already that this coming season is all about bravery in style, and fearlessness in showing off flashy expressive styles. Bearing this is mind; it is time to forget all that you have learned about matching patterns together.

This season the best looks will be those that aren’t afraid to create creative clashes that stimulate the senses rather than bore them with their respectful uniformity. Folklore is going to be an influence in the themes we see, as are exotic animals and plants.

4- Touchy, feely fabrics

The most significant sense to concentrate on when it comes to home decor trends for 2014 is that of touch. In this development we see a movement towards a home that should be felt and interacted with rather than simply admired.

Think beige and suede, sand and warmth. The focus should be very much on the natural here, especially when thinking about fabrics and finishes.

5- Quirky accessories

Following on the trend of natural spontaneity, now is also the time to actually enjoy your living spaces and for them to simply make you smile.

The objects that go to making up your home decor should be those that inspire and engage on a human level. Think about how the simplest everyday objects can add a touch of humor and style to your living areas.

6- The year of the man

Design always moves with, or even ahead of, the times and the more active role of the male within the home environment means that now is the time where this influence starts to be truly felt in home décor for 2014.

Solid, sturdy chairs and heavier furniture in general will start to have a bigger presence in the home, but this strength will be tempered by an elegance that comes about through the natural harmony that stems from the idea that the male and female have finally learnt how to co-exist in a space


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